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We enjoyed the dinner and will go back. ~ Eruna Derbyshire
Waitress was very nice, food was great ~ Mark Goldstin
Very nice! The staff above and beyond to make sure we enjoyed our visit. We will be back! ~ Bernadette Brown
AWESOME! Will be eat there again SOON! ~ Annie Pierce
Wonderful. Thanks to you. Now we have a new place to eat out! ~ Dawn Goodman Ferry
Excellent food ~ James Demetrius
Great in every respect. ~ Ann Leslie Wingerath
Excellent creative sushi rolls!! will definitely be back. ~ Ellen Goren
Great staff, attentive and patient, they were polite we felt welcomed  ~ Kurtis Fink
Food & Service was soooo exceptional!!! ~ Jeromy Bolan
Very well trained staff in customer service. Will come again. ~ Derek Brown
We love the food and the atmosphere! ~ Patricia Ayite
I could have stated all night. Great food, lovely conversation.  ~ Jon Burquest
The owners are so welcoming. Fresh sushi. Really nice place.  ~ Marlene Rivas
FOOD WAS AWESOME! ~ Thomas Mashaw
The best tofu I have ever tried. Great mix of various types of Asian food. Great prices. Went with a large group and tried almost everything off the menu – sushi included. Everyone loved the food. Great find near the tech center. ~  Yelp